Five amenities that potential The Reserve Residences buyers should be aware of when selling resale units

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The majority of condo unit sellers will focus their attention on each apartment and the features within the unit. Many owners and agents used to post property listings that included details about a specific unit. This included the floor plan, number of bedrooms, and tenure.

The apartment’s characteristics would be displayed, but the sellers would direct attention to other aspects of the condo. These could include the location of the development, nearby transportation options, nearby amenities, and the facilities of the condominium.

Condo facilities are often listed on property listings pages like and even mentioned in video walkthroughs. Condo facilities are not often highlighted because sellers rarely mention them on the page. They also receive only around 2 seconds of airtime during film walks.

This is a major point that condo sellers have neglected to mention countless times. Resale condo buyers are looking for more than just the apartment, but also the amenities and facilities on the property.

Each condominium development in Singapore is unique, as are the facilities.

It will be helpful to highlight the unique attributes of each facility and its functions. These are five condo properties that sellers could promote to bring in potential buyers.

1. Sports and gyms

Many condo developments in Singapore include gyms and other sports facilities because people are becoming more healthy-conscious and prioritising their body, mind and soul. Sellers should consider the size, type, and number of these facilities to distinguish a development from others.

For example, condo gyms will offer more amenities like treadmills or multi-use utilities that can provide a more complete workout.

These attributes can be used by sellers to attract potential buyers who are not interested in paying extra for a gym membership.

It is important for buyers to take note of the additional sports facilities in the development. These include tennis courts and yoga areas.

2. Swimming pools

Artist impression of a Swimming Pool at Sky Eden@Bedok

Swimming pools are more than just a place to fill with chlorine water. They come in many shapes and sizes, and each one serves a unique purpose. Here are some examples.

50m Pool

Artist’s impression of 50m Lap Pool at The Commodore condo.

Its name is simple to understand. At fifty metres long, it measures the same length as an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

This pool is ideal for athletes who are looking to keep up their fitness routine. It also has the advantage of ample space which makes it less likely that other swimmers will clash.

Some condos have 50m lap pools, such as High Park Residences or Kingsford Waterbay, and Skyline Residences.

Infinity Pool

Artist’s impression of Infinity Pool in Tenet ECE

Infinity Pools create the illusion of a mirror-like effect as the water cascades from its sides.

This pool is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things of life and want to have a pool that is similar to the one at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. This pool is ideal for those who enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Infinity Pools are available in some condos such as Sky Habitat and Wallich Residence.

Wading Pool/ Kids Pool

Artist’s impression: A Wading Pool in Treasure At Tampine
Wading Pools were designed for children under 24 inches of age and are suitable for all ages. It is used for training and general enjoyment. Young children will love water slides, spray guns, and water fountains.

Wading Pools are available in certain condos like Treasure at Tampine, Waterbay and The Sound.

Freeform pool

Artist’s impression of Freeform Pool in Coco Palms

An alternative to a traditional swimming pool, a Freeform Swimming Pool is rectangular and tiled. It is made in natural or irregular shapes with flowing lines or curves.

Freeform pools are often made of rock or water features. They mimic natural ponds, lakes, and oasises. These pools have a beach-like atmosphere, which is a great feature for those who wish to unwind and relax without having to go to a resort or beach.

Condos such as Forestville, Seasons Park and Coco palms have freeform pools.

Other pool-related equipment

Artist’s impression of Aqua Fitness at Grandeur Park Residences

Many condominiums have Swimming Pools that are unique, such as Pool Bars. This can be attractive to potential buyers who love hosting casual gatherings with friends.

Aqua gyms offer another benefit for those who are looking to add variety to their exercise routine.

3. Facilities that are family-friendly

It is important that sellers mention services for families with young children. Potential HDB upgraders may notice this and be more interested in families with young children.

These are just a few examples of family-friendly facilities

Childcare Centers

Many condos, particularly those in integrated developments, will include childcare centers on-site. Parents with young children will find this a major selling point. They can send their children to and fro childcare after work.

North Park Residences and Queens Peak are examples of condos that have childcare centers. Grandeur Park Residences is another example.

Playgrounds & play areas

Artist’s impression of a play space in The Atelier

While playgrounds are common in Singapore condos, they aren’t all created equal. They each have their own unique attributes that set them apart.

Some condos offer multiple play areas, which gives families more ways to entertain their children. Additionally, some condos have more amenities, including swings, sandboxes and jungle gyms.

Buyers with children will find this a significant highlight. They have many recreational options available to their children without ever leaving the property.

4. Allotment and Community Gardens

Condo residents can grow their plants in allotment or community gardens.

This is due to the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Landscape Replacement Areas guidelines (URA), which allow condominiums to include such gardens to meet these requirements.

There is also a growing interest and enthusiasm for gardening. More people enjoy the process of growing their own food. These gardens could be an attractive selling point for potential buyers who are interested in growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

5. Clubhouses, Function Rooms and BBQ Pits

Clubhouse in Treasure Trove

Many condo communities have common features such as playgrounds, function rooms, and barbecue pits.

Sellers should pay attention to the number of these facilities, since larger developments tend have more amenities than smaller older condos.

Some clubhouses and Function rooms in newer developments offer more amenities than others, including dining pavilions and dance studios.

Other condos also have amazing attributes to their clubhouses like The Treasure Trove which has a historically preserved building, Matilda House. This converted building was then turned into a clubhouse.


Each facility in a condo has a role. Sellers should highlight the features that are most attractive to buyers and include more of them in their property listings to increase its value.

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