7 things you can do to improve your The Reserve Residences feng Shui

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Feng Shui is a belief that can help you make a purchase. You can market your house better to potential buyers even if it is being sold. Feng shui, also known as ‘qi’ or spatial arrangement, is how you arrange your home to allow positive energy (or ‘qi) to flow in your home. This will improve your wealth, health, career, relationships, and other areas of your life.How do you spot good feng-shui? These are seven things that can be considered good feng-shui for a property.

1. A perfect kitchen layout is essential

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook and serve food for the entire family. Good feng shui would positively impact the wealth and health of your family.

A stove that is not in direct opposition to the sink is a good sign of feng-shui. The stove is considered a fire element, while the sink is considered a water element. They should not be placed opposite one another as they can cause conflict and tension among family members.

Good feng shui is determined by the position of the kitchen within the house. A good layout will have the kitchen located in the southwest or south corners of the house according to the ba gua (energymap). Feng Shui relies on the ba Gua, which divides the house in nine sections, each one relating to a specific aspect of your life, such as wealth, prosperity, love, and health.

It is important that the kitchen not be located in the middle of the house as it symbolizes “fire attacking the heart”. The heart is the central part of the house, while the fire represents the stove. This could lead to bad luck or health problems.

2. The main door should not face the kitchen

Good or bad fengshui is determined by the main door. This is where the ‘qi” enters. It is important to ensure that the main door faces the right direction and is in the correct location.

Good feng shui means that the main door faces the kitchen.

The rule of thumb is to not allow the stove or kitchen door to form a straight line with your front door. The “fire” energy from the kitchen will clash against the ‘qi, which enters the house. This arrangement can lead to health issues, financial problems, and even accidents.

Enchante 3-Bedroom Dual Key Layout

This 3-Bedroom Dual Key floor plan by enchante, a boutique condo launch, is a good example of good Feng Shui. The divider is between the entrance and kitchen. The entrance to the kitchen can be accessed from the living/dining room.

3. The front door should not face the staircase or lift.

It’s a sign that your front door doesn’t face the staircase or lift. As a tiger opening and closing its mouth, the lift door can be compared to its opening and closing. It can cause family discord, fights, and injuries if your front door faces the lift.

This belief is not shared by all feng-shui masters. However, it does have a practical purpose. Privacy is impossible if your front door faces the lift.

Also, the front door should not face the staircase. According to the belief, if your front door faces a flight or steps, energy will flow downwards and out of your home. This can indicate financial loss because it is easier for your wealth “roll” down the steps.

4. Bathrooms should be properly placed

Bathrooms are an area in the home where water is flowing in and out. Wealth is linked to the “water” element of feng shui. If your bathroom is not placed correctly, it can signify that you are flushing your wealth down your drain.

Avoid having the bathroom door opposite your front door. This arrangement, similar to the kitchen would allow qi to enter the house and flow straight to the bathroom.

Good feng-shui also requires that the toilet be placed around the perimeter of the unit, and should share an “external” wall.

Bathroom layouts in the 3-bedroom, Dual-Key unit by Enchante

This unit layout of Enchantespan styling=”font-weight 400 ;”>, all toilets in the bathrooms have been placed against an exterior wall. Although Bath 2 is near the front door of the apartment, the developer made sure that the entrance to the bathroom is not located directly opposite.

5. Doors do not face neighbours directly

Good fengshui is when the front doors of houses aren’t facing each other. Your main entrance should not be directly facing your neighbor’s. This will cause more conflict and disagreements.

It is not only a good idea to avoid your front door facing the neighbour’s unit, but it also helps with feng shui.

This is because residential units are often smaller than they used to be. To mitigate these negative effects, you can hang a Ba Gua-mirrored mirror above your door.

6. The house faces an open space

It is great for feng Shui if your house has unblocked and open views. This symbolises red phoenix (one of the four guardians) of feng-shui.

The red phoenix is a symbol of inspiration and willingness to explore new possibilities and ideas. Unblocked views and open spaces will help facilitate energy flow without conflict. Your unit could be blocked by a high building or a hill.

View from Clover by The Park (Listing by Li Zheng at 99.co).

HDBs and condos built around parks or nature reserves often have stacks that face open views and open space. Clover by the Park, which has one block facing BishanAng Mo Kio Park, is an example. Bishan Park Condo is another project that faces the park.

Similar to the above, there are also several condos in other parks like Jurong Lake Gardens, Bedok Reservoir Park, and Dairy Farm Nature Park.

7. The house is not near major roads or expressways.

Because of noise and dust, most buyers will avoid a home near major roads or expressways. Feng shui is another reason to avoid such a property.

Feng Shui compares the flow of traffic to that of the river. Roads bring energy to your home. A meandering, slow-moving river is considered more lucky than a straight-moving, fast-moving one. This is why houses on quieter roads and smaller lanes have more positive energy that those on busy roads.

We hope you have a better understanding of how to spot good Feng Shui in a house. It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling a home. The layout, direction and orientation of the doors, as well as the location of the unit facing, all matters.

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