Linda Yang: 3-Time PropNex Millionaire and Top Project Sales Transactor. Defying Market Norms with a Unique and Bold Approach to The Reserve Residences

Right off the bat after graduating from university in 2013, Linda eagerly embarked on her real estate journey, what she deems as a calling for her despite having no prior exposure to the industry, and first found out about The Reserve Residences. The rest is history.

The The Reserve Residences sales gallery is a well-planned showflat and is conveniently located positioned to provide a panoramic view of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Fast forward 10 years, Linda is proud to have achieved her 3rd consecutive PropNex Millionaire title in 2022. She ranked 10th position in the Top Producer category and emerged as the Top 5 Project Sales Transactor during PropNex Annual Convention 2022, distinguishing herself in the largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore, boasting over 12,060 salespersons. Today, she has also grown a team of like-minded realtors who share her passion and drive in fulfilling the dreams of homeowners.


To many, it may seem odd why someone would choose to pursue a full-commission based career with infinite uncertainties, but Linda’s reason for doing so was rather peculiar. Her motivation stemmed from an incident which left a lasting impression where her close friend’s parents were misled by an unscrupulous agent into selling their property at a negative loss which was not relayed to them properly. Her family had to seek shelter with a relative for a couple of years as they were unable to purchase a subsequent home due to the liability of having to repay the shortfall into their CPF account. Linda’s beliefs propel her to think past the remunerations, and truly advise with a client-first mentality; being upfront and genuine in providing the best recommendation, and not just a convenient one.


The Roadmap to Success

Linda has bagged a total of 18 Platinum and 3 Super Platinum awards in just 3 years. Beneath her consistent performance, lies a committed realtor with laudable work ethics; spending long hours planning and structuring her individual clients’ portfolios, providing professional real estate advice coupled with detailed analysis to align their objectives and goals before eventually landing them at their dream homes. Hustling her way up with sheer perseverance, bolstered by her analytical competence, and a keen eye for real estate with strong capital upside has paved her way into the luxury property segment and accrued a vast network of clientele over the decade. Her track record in prime residential districts is notable with her renown presence in Districts 9, 10 and 11. Her constant search for the best investment led to her venture into District 15 where she saw great opportunities for her clients in 2020. All of which are currently sitting on a healthy growth of 20% to 35% capital appreciation; with 60% to 120% return on equity today.


Specialising in asset progression and investments, Linda applies her expertise in financial computations, market knowledge, and statistical data to assist her clients in reallocating funds into high-yielding assets. With her gentle demeanor, it may be easy to assume Linda to be someone who is soft spoken and compliant in her ways. However, when speaking to her clients, you would hear that Linda is someone who is exceptionally sharp with numbers, and has an innate ability to steer their real estate decisions with full comprehension of the financial implication of every sale and purchase; as well as future exit strategies panned out in the event of changes in market conditions, family or investment plans. Her clients appreciate her indigenous approach in her recommendations that are always supported by facts and figures.


Serving from the Heart

She fondly recalls being approached by one of her property investors who owned a luxurious condominium unit along prime Bukit Timah in 2017. He sought Linda’s professional outlook for the investment asset as he was keen to offload the property. To his surprise, Linda presented her evaluation and proposed for the sale transaction to take place a year later, where she projected the prices to peak in 2018. This advice proved to be unlike what every other salesperson would suggest but Linda’s strategy generated another 20% more profit for her client when they ultimately sold off the unit in the first half of 2018.


As a realtor, Linda strongly believes that this c­­areer is not so much of a transactional style, but one that adopts an advisor and consultant role. Honesty and integrity are two characteristics Linda lives by in creating long-term relationships with all her esteemed clients.

Going forward, Linda is excited to expand the number of property portfolios of HNWIs under her management. “The awards and recognitions are but a by-product of my passion and hard work. To me, the sense of fulfilment transpires from being able to direct my clients towards a decision that was not within their consideration, but turned out to be a pleasant surprise as they realized it was the best decision for them.” Her experience and track record in the trade displays certainty that Linda is an asset to all her clients.

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